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Heritages and Museums


Museum of the History of the resort city of Sochi (until 1980 – local history) was established in 1920 and is one of the oldest cultural institutions of the city of Sochi.


The Sochi Art Museum was built during early Soviet times, in 1936. Many of the exhibits here are changed regularly, rotating between the works of some of Russia’s greats and also some of Sochi’s lesser known but equally talented, local artists.


Situated 12 kilometers from Sochi in the spa village of Dagomys is a private museum of old cars. Altogether, the items on display are worth more than $1 million. The museum’s creator acquired the vintage cars in the United States and then restored them in Sochi. The museum’s collection is continually growing. At the moment, guests can see Stalin’s car, a Cadillac Vassal, a 1938 Chevrolet, a Soviet Chaika, an Oldsmobile, a Dodge Dakota, aFord Eisel, a 1916 Saxon and many other models.


The Derevo Druzhby (Tree of Friendship) garden-museum is one of Sochi’s most unusual sites. This is probably the only place on the planet where a tree has its own museum. It opened in 1981 and holds a collection of gifts from different countries. These are national souvenirs, letters, photos, relics, musical instruments, coins, badges and small boxes with earth from memorable and historic places


The Museum of Sochi contains 12 rooms covering 700 square meters. These themed rooms hold an archaeological collection, items related to the everyday life and culture of the region’s population, documents and photographs, the history of how more than 100 nationalities united in a single city.


The Loo Temple is another old Byzantine site, and like the nearby Golik Fortress it’s in a pretty poor state of repair. Officials have talked about restoration work in the past, but up until now nothing has come of it. Loo Temple was built sometime between 1000-1200AD, underwent renovations in 1400, and was later converted into a fortress around 1600.